Lucee 5 & invalid definition of the attribute taglib

Hi All
I just posted this on the lucee forum. Web-admin mappings and cfimport issues - #7 by Phillip_R - google-group-archive - Lucee Dev

I’ve been experiencing this off and on for a couple of months now. Only on Lucee 5.2
Weird thing is,webtopBody.cfm will work ok for dmImage but on dmFile…
Anyone else come across this? It’s not particular to any cfimport, can occur anywhere. Seems quite random. Rebooting can fix/change it.

I also found this:

OK I’m pretty sure this is a resource issue. So if anyone else comes across this issue, try beefing up the ram or JVM memory.

I haven’t come across this issue yet… Restarting Lucee to fix that kind of issue isn’t ideal though!

Do you think it was somehow dropping/forgetting the mapping due to low resources available to the JVM? Perhaps you could put some details in that Lucee ticket, such as the memory settings you were using, what resource usage you were seeing in the JVM, and the settings you changed to resolve the issue. That might help Micha reproduce the problem and develop a fix.