Localhost FM podcast talks Docker apps running FarCry


Following on from LocalhostFMs recent podcast on Docker, Geoff Bowers (@modius ) was invited to explain how Daemon use Docker and why it’s next big thing in solution architecture. A good overview of how we use Docker and why we think it will become more and more prevalent as tooling improves.

Given that most of our enterprise apps are running on FarCry Core as a framework, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that everything discussed is perfectly possible (and even probable) with FarCry apps. For example, all Australian Olympic Committee apps run FarCry 7.x in production on Lucee in clustered configurations on Docker.

Conveniently available on SoundCloud:

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Great podcast episode, listened to it yesterday.

Starting to gear up to switch my own FarCry & Slatwall development and deployment to use Docker. Still in the learning phase of how best to use Docker for my requirements, but see it as the way forward for development -> deployment so any resources like this are extremely useful right now.

The biggest hurdle I have got over so far is seeing how a few lines of code in a docker file can create and start multiple containers in a network. It seems too simple to work - but it does work :slight_smile:

Thank you!



We’ve got an example repo for a Fandango Demo app running in Docker:

The main new concepts that you would need to deal with beyond your existing FarCry app experience would just be to install the Docker Workbench toolchain and familiarise yourself with the Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml and perhaps the nginx configuration in the default.conf. Other than that, throw your code in a “www” folder and you’re on your way :slight_smile: