Installation Fail; FarCry 7 on CF8

Hi all,

There may be a simple answer. Can FarCry 7 run on CF 8?

I just created a site, and it appeared as though everything went fine. The db is populated with FarCry tables., and the normal installation files one would expect to see are present. But when I try to view the site or login I get the same error message:

cdn   [text output on page]

cdn    struct 
Column	127 
When using named parameters to a function, every parameter must 
have a name.<p>The CFML compiler was processing:<ul><li>An expression beginning with application.fapi.throw, on line 534, column 32.This message is usually caused by a problem in the expressions structure.<li>A cfset tag beginning on line 534, column 26.<li>A cfset tag beginning on line 534, column 26.<li>A cfset tag beginning on line 534, column 
Line 534 
Message Missing argument name. 
<cfset application.fapi.throw(message="Invalid extension. Valid 
extensions are {1}",type="uploaderror",substituteValues=[ 
	coldfusion.compiler.CFMLParserBase$MissingNameException: Missing argument name.
	at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.FunctionParameters(
	at coldfusion.compiler.cfml40.ComplexReference(

		LINE 534 
		TEMPLATE 		[correct path info]\farcry\core\packages\lib\cdn.cfc 

Hi Tobin,

Yes FarCry 7.x now uses features that are only found in CF 9/10/11 or Railo 3.3+, in this case it’s an implicit array notation that CF8 is failing on. In general our latest will release will support the current version and the two previous versions.

The last version that supported CF8 would have been FarCry 6.2, you could try that… Though I’d recommend upgrading CF, even if it was just for security features.


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Ah, yes. At least the answer is easy! Thanks.