I blew it up--can't log in or view site at all

When I try to go to the webtop, I get Typename is not available: farLogin (if I just go to the site, I just get the “There was a problem with that last request.”). Earlier I was getting “The content type [farBarnacle] is not available”. What I was trying to do was add the ability for users to select different webskins for events by copying dmEvent.cfc to project/packages/types/ and modifying it. That didn’t show up, so I was trying to reload and it crashed and I haven’t been able to see anything since. There was a preexisting situation with a long list of conflicts on the COAPI content types page–don’t know how or when those happened, I couldn’t fix them through that page, so that could be related. Fortunately, this is in staging–I had the DBA copy production down but that didn’t fix it.

Are you running the website on the same version of FarCry Core as the
production website? All the possibilities I can think of are related to
having a different version of core, or maybe having something in your
project that is seriously interfering with app startup.

Version is the same–going through it now looking for any discrepancies.

Never did figure out what happened, but using updateapp fixed it.