How do you upgrade from FarCry 6.x to FarCry 7 (codename: SHINY)?

Back Up Before Upgrading

Please backup before upgrading.

Upgrading Core

The general process to upgrade Core from 6.x to 7.x is:

  1. Back up your existing FarCry 6.x database. Upgrading to FarCry 7.x will perform updates which will make the database no longer compatible with FarCry 6.x!
  2. Delete (or rename/move) your old “core” folder (this may require stopping your CF/Railo service due to locked .jar files)
  3. Drop in the new version of the “core” folder (either clone using Git or download the zip)
  4. Automatically deploy new schema properties by visiting your site with the URL parameter ?updateall=<your-app-key> (Note: updateall is a new additional parameter for 7.x, not to be confused with updateapp which is still used to restart the app. You can find your app key in the ./www/farcryConstructor.cfm of your project)
  5. You may also need to restart the application once using ?updateapp=<your-app-key> for the friendly names and descriptions of configs to appear within the “Manage Configuration” section of the webtop (due to a new column in the farConfig table)

Notes on Plugins

If your project uses any plugins such as FarCry CMS or FarCry LDAP then you may also need to update them. You can find updated plugins on GitHub:

Note: FarCry CMS has had some breaking changes that may require minor code changes. Backup your data and test the upgrade in a development environment!

Schema Changes

Despite the schema alterations, there should be no changes during the upgrade from 6.x to 7.0 that result in data loss. The default behaviour of the COAPI is to require confirmation for any change that might lead to loss of data.

The config data will be converted from WDDX to JSON. This process is destructive in the sense that once the 7.x upgrade has been run, the config data will no longer be compatible with FarCry 6.x.

You will need to perform column and table drops manually if you need to completely rid yourself of deprecated elements.