How do you reference views from the FC7 webtop XML

I see that to produce the download excel report it still references the old url convention of customadmin.cfm?plugin=idlform&module=idlFormReportToExcel.cfm. (This page is not referenced in the menu xml)
Can anyone suggest the correct format to get this to work in FC7?
?id=idlforms.idlformssection.idlformreporttoexcel doesn’t work. What’s the best practice here.


FC7 webtop views should be views on a content type. For example, you might have a webtopBody view that looks like:

<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="true">
<!--- @@displayname: School Webtop Body --->

<!--- import tag libraries --->
<cfimport taglib="/farcry/core/tags/formtools" prefix="ft" />

	sqlorderby="datetimelastUpdated desc" />

<cfsetting enablecfoutputonly="false">

And you would refer to it in the webtop config XML like so:

<subsection id="bobSchool" sequence="10" label="Schools">
	<menu id="bobSchoolMenu" sequence="10" label="Schools">
		<menuitem id="listBookList" sequence="40" label="Book Lists" typename="bobBookList" />
		<menuitem id="listSchools" sequence="50" label="Schools" typename="bobSchool" />
	<menu id="bobSchoolAdmin" sequence="20" label="Admin Only">
		<menuitem id="listSchoolRecords" sequence="60" label="Onboarding Records" typename="bobStudentOnboarding" />

webtopBody is the default view for rendering in the webtop chrome so you don’t have to explicitly nominate a bodyview="webtopbody" attribute.

So something like customadmin.cfm?plugin=idlform&module=idlFormReportToExcel.cfm might be converted to a view called ./webskin/idlForm/webtopReportToExcel.cfm and a corresponding reference in the webtop config XML:

<menuitem id="listForm" sequence="50" label="Forms" typename="idlForm" bodyview="webtopReportToExcel" />

(where idlForm is the content type you want to attach the Excel export view to – note i have no idea what the actual content types are in the plugin so replace idlForm with whatever works)

If you don’t want to create a menu reference in the XML you should be able to call the link with the standard controller convention for typewebskins.

For example, something like:

/idlform/idlformreporttoexcel or /index.cfm?type=idlform&view=idlformreporttoexcel

where idlform will correspond to the name of the content type and idlformreporttoexcel to the type view.

By the looks of things, that idlformreporttoexcel.cfm is going to be a rogue CFM template that will need to be made into a view of a specific content type, and wrapped in the relevant header/footer.

Hopefully that all makes sense :wink:

(if not I’ll see if i can download the idlForm plugin and put together an actual solution)

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The current master ( ) has some minor fixes, some bootstrap/farcry ui improvments to the report generator, excel export works, and it’s possible to change form log items.

Please add issues related to idlform here - we will off course accept pull request .