Handpicked Rule chestnut (missing webskin selections)

No, don’t freak out. The new handpicked rule works great.
Just one little change that I made; when you go to add an item to an existing hp rule you loose the existing webskin selections.
My fix is below, which I use on the 6.x rule as well:

<cfelseif isvalid("uuid",joinItems[i])>
					<cfset thisobject = joinItems[i] />
					<cfset thiswebskin = "" />
                    <!--- webolution webskin fix --->
                        <cfquery datasource="#application.dsn#" name="wk">
                        SELECT webskin
                        from ruleHandpicked_aObjects
                        WHERE parentid='#stObject.objectid#' AND seq=#i#
                    	<cfset thiswebskin=wk.webskin>
                     <!--- webolution webskin fix END  --->
					<cfset thistypename = application.fapi.findType(thisobject) />
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