getContentObjects and arrays

I recently needed to search for objects which had attached images. I extended getContentObjects to work with arrays and isNull… eg

getContentObjects(typename=“wbMyType”,aImages_isNull = false")

I’ll create a pull request but first I though I’d ask if the NOT EXISTS is MySQL specific (I only use mysql) and there might be another syntax for mssql or oracle.

<cfcase value="isnull">
<cfif f.type eq "array"><!--- Special case for join properties --->
<cfif f.value>
NOT EXISTS (SELECT parentID FROM WHERE parentid = #application.dbowner##arguments.typename#.objectid) 
EXISTS (SELECT parentID FROM WHERE parentid = #application.dbowner##arguments.typename#.objectid)

I believe the EXISTS / NOT EXISTS operator is t-sql, so it should be engine agnostic.

Cheers @jeff
My pull requests are starting to back up.