Ft:object IncludeLabel="false" no longer works

I see that the ft:object off loads the rendering of the label to ft:field which in turn looks for the form theme to use. My issue is that there appears to be no way of rendering the field without the label. ie IncludeLabel="false" is not passed along. Is this a conscious exclusion or am I just doing something wrong here? Also if the field is required no * is rendered on the label as well for the same reasons.

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Looks like a bug to me :frowning:

As a quick work around I’ve added this just above the ft:field call in ft:object:

<cfif isDefined("Attributes.IncludeLabel") AND NOT attributes.IncludeLabel>
                <cfset ftFieldMetadata.ftLabel = ''>
                <cfset ftFieldMetadata.ftLabelAlignment = 'none'>

What would the issues be on passing on the attribute collection from ft:object to ft:field. Then it would be available to the final theme webskin.