FC 6.2.8 MimeTypes on ACF8

I seem to have an issue with download.cfm + safari (on Mac) + .pptx files where the browser interprets the MIME type (regardless of IIS config) as text… When they file is downloaded Safari appends a .html extension…

The only place i see reference to mime types seems to be core/packages/farcry/file.cfc

is it just a matter of extending file.cfc to support additional mimetypes?



No, if that is being used then we will probably need to update core. Though
I believe that file is deprecated and not actively used. The code that
should be producing the mime-type is:
in the file formtool.

You can see the docs here:


Posting this incase anyone else comes up against it…

For CF8, I was able to resolve this by adding the mime type to cf config \ColdFusion8\runtime\lib\mime.types:

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation	pptx
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