Farcrysolrpro, getBoostOptions & 7.2

Hi All,
Centos 6, CF11, FC7.2.4, Mysql
I’m getting the below error when indexing content with the farcrysolrpro plugin. I’ve just tested it with 7.0.8 and that works fine without throwing the error.
Any suggestions before I start delving deeper?


I think there’s a fix for this in the farcrysolrpro repo:

Try updating, hopefully that’ll do the trick :smile:

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Sweet, that did the trick. Funny I spent a bit of time staring at github and thought I’d seen required=“false”. Been a loong week :joy:

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Apologies - this is my fault!

I added a list compare to the diff function but no object ids are
available. This will break other getListData functions where objectid is
required. I’ll wrap that part in a try catch this evening.

Elsewhere in Core the objectid is optional, so that’s ok, no changes required :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thinking of core code - I was thinking of custom end-user functions where they have put the objectid as required. Currently the request will just crash with the code as it is now - e.g. in draft overview. Wrapping in try/catch is probably better than passing in a dummy id

What I mean is, for this scenario the method signature MUST have objectid be required=“false” and not required=“true”. That’s why the plugin got fixed, it had the wrong method signature. Core doesn’t need to be patched, your changes were fine :slight_smile: