Farcrysolrpro and comma on typename

I’ve used the farcrysolrpro plugin successfully on a few projects that are railo/fc7.02 based with no issues.
Now I’m trying to implement it on CF11 and the solrProConentType.cfc is throwing and error

You have attempted to dereference a scalar variable of type class java.lang.String as a structure with members.


/srv/www/mysite/htdocs/farcry/plugins/farcrysolrpro/packages/types/solrProContentType.cfc (line: 920)
/srv/www/mysite/htdocs/farcry/plugins/farcrysolrpro/packages/types/solrProContentType.cfc (line: 313)
/srv/www/mysite/htdocs/farcry/plugins/farcrysolrpro/packages/types/solrProContentType.cfc (line: 223)
/srv/www/mysite/htdocs/farcry/plugins/farcrysolrpro/packages/types/solrProContentType.cfc (line: 32)

Thats the function getTextPropertiesByType which is failing because the typename passed to it has a comma at the end eg ‘dmHTML,’.
This error occurs all the way back to line 135 where we have

<cfset var stContentType = getData(objectid = qContentTypes.objectid[qContentTypes.currentRow]) />

then stContentType.contentType returns ‘dmHTML,
I can resolve this error by putting listFirst in multiple places but I’m concerned of the flow on affects this issue might have and also if this is a CF11 issue or a FC7.05 issue. (or has anything to do with the UUID list formtool (sorry if thats a red herring).


When you say you were on 7.0.5, do you mean the tag, or were you perhaps on the head of p700? When I tagged 7.0.5 I didn’t immediately bump the patch version to 7.0.6, and since that tag there has been a couple of pull requests accepted relating to the UUID formtool… So it might be possible that you were on 7.0.6…

Could you confirm exactly which commit you are on, and/or test the 7.0.5 tagged version to see if the problem was introduced very recently?


I pull the core via the get zip link back in the 21st of October. The UUID.cfc is certainly the old version and not from the head. I’ve also gone back to 7.0.2 with the same results.
I’ve just looked at the entries in the database made via a Railo install and they don’t have the comma.

The field in question is contentType, nstring and FtType=“list”. If I log the value of arguments.stFieldPost.Value in the validate function of list.cfc I get a number returned not a string. Is there a step I’m missing?

Haven’t tested on CF11 yet. I’ll have a look.

In the database, in the solProContentType table, for that record, is the “ContentType” value “dmHTML,” or just “dmHTML”? I’m curious if it set that value or if its happening when the getData is called to read the record. I think this is an issue in core, but I haven’t tracked it down yet.

It definitely dmHTML, in the database. So I think getData is safe for now.

So does updating to the head of p700 (i.e. 7.0.6, which has the uuid.cfc changes) solve the issue?

I think you would need to re-save the record for it to “fix” the record for you (assuming that’s what the fix is intended for).

Hi Justin,
Sorry for the late reply (under the gun here). It’s not a UUID, it’s a string with a render type of list. So it’s the list formtool that’s leaving the trailing comma. I’ve used the farcrysolrpro plugin (which ha the offending field type) with railo4 successfully numerous time this year. This my first time with CF11 using it so I’m mighty suspicious. Just haven’t had the time to do the testing.