FarCry SolrPro Plugin Pagination Bug


There has been a bug reported to me on our sites search where using multiple search terms breaks pagination. I have noticed that the plugin adds a ‘+’ to the URL which then leads requests for deeper pages to a 404. If I manually change the ‘+’ to a space(or %20) the URL goes through fine.

I assume that this would be a simple fix to replace that ‘+’ with a ‘%20’.Though I’m also not certain that it’s not a bad configuration either.


You need to update your Friendly URL rules to account for the the “+”.

here is what I use in Apache

RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9\/\-\%\+:\[\]\{\}\|\;\<\>\?\,\*\!\@\#\$\ \(\)\^_`~]*)$ /index.cfm?furl=$1 [L,PT,QSA]

Thanks for the response Sean, I’ll see what I can do with the Friendly URLs.

Though, on our system I get different search results with a ‘+’ in stead of a space. Is this an issue with my Solr configuration? I assume tweaking the pagination to not insert a ‘+’ where the space was would be easier, though I don’t know where the code that does that is.

encodeForURL uses + instead of%20 unlike urlEncodedFormat