Farcry Solr Pro not finding collections until after saving settings

I have FarCry Solr Pro set up and running well. When I tested behavior of the plugin after a server reset I eventually discovered that FarCry doesn’t see my collection until I save the Solr Pro plugin settings again.

It looks to me like the Solr 3.5 that comes with the plugin keeps its collections in some place by default that is different from where I set it in the plugin settings. If this is the case I imagine the easy solution would be to either set Solr to the plugins location or the plugin to Solr’s location, but I’m struggling to find this default location.

Am I on the right track, and if so where might the locations I need be?


I think that path is an absolute one which gets written to an XML config file on disk, so if you don’t have that config checked in to your source control then yes you’d need to save the SOLR Pro Config again in the webtop when you move or set it up again on new servers.

So I’m not sure if using the plugin’s default value would work (maybe if you’re on Windows, using C:\ ?), but @jeff or @seancoyne might know :slight_smile:

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I’m not entirely sure what the problem is, but the default location for a collection is in the “solr” directory in the project.

I assumed that everything should start up fine after a server restart, is this correct?

When I say “default location” I’m referring to what the included Solr 3.5 is looking for. If that is the Solr directory in the project then I am a little confused.

If it would help I can put together a step by step post of what I’m seeing to see if that gives any hints.


If it would help I can put together a step by step post of what I’m seeing to see if that gives any hints.

Please do b/c both Jeff and I aren’t really following.

The collection data is stored in the /solr directory in your project by default. You can use the config to place it elsewhere. The collections are tracked in the solr.xml file which, by default, is in /plugins/farcrysolrpro/packages/custom/cfsolrlib/solr-server/multicore/solr.xml

The first time Farcry starts up w/ the plugin enabled, it creates a collection and adds the XML node to the solr.xml file.

If you change the config, it should create a new collection for you in your updated location and either update or add it to the solr.xml file. Sometimes this does not happen, and also depends on what version of FarCry you’re running. If it does not automatically do it, then restarting FarCry should do it.

Solr 3.5 that comes w/ the plugin has no control over where the collections are placed. It is just a search engine. The plugin has control over this, so it’s nothing to do w/ Solr itself.

So, please explain what you’re trying to accomplish and what you’re seeing. As of right now, it seems like you want the collection stored in a non-default location, but I’m not even sure that is correct.

I think I figured it out now. I mistook correlation and causation, which led to me using the start/stop scripts to replicate a whole system restart. Turns out that restarting ColdFusion Services does a better job of that, oops. When I restart CF Application Services everything still works fine.

Now we will need to figure out the best way to start that batch script automatically and ensure it happens before CF2016. We’re running Windows Server 2012 if anyone has any recommendations.

Otherwise, thanks for the overview of the process Sean. Sorry it took me a second to catch my own blunder.



NSSM worked great and easy, Thanks for the tip.