FarCry Roadmap?


I have been away from FarCry for some time, lots of Slatwall work and I have been on the dark side of the blue river for a few years.

I still prefer the underlying architecture of the FarCry platform to the “other one”. Including the modular & inheritance approach for core, plugins and projects, fine control of caching and the general content publishing approach. It feels like a more complete and well thought out approach to build on.

The latest releases from the dark side are very good, but I still prefer FarCry.

Any news or updates on the plans for the future releases of FarCry?


Welcome back Chris :smiley:

Below is the overview section of some older roadmap notes (I’ve omitted the detail sections; some have already been brought forward into 7.x, others the approach has changed slightly)… The general idea is performance improvements and an even nicer content editing experience, which applies to everything; webtop (most likely a refresh using Material), content object editing and rich text experience, image/file asset management/uploading, etc.

If you have any of your own ideas or things that you’d like to see addressed please let us know, the feedback is always helpful :slight_smile:

We probably also haven’t made a big deal out of it, but almost everything we’re doing we do with Lucee and Docker, which FarCry Core has supported quite well as far back as the later 7.0.x maintenance releases. If you’re in that space then it’s easy to move forward with Docker based deployments.


FarCry Core 8.x


  • framework performance
    • farFU typename optimisation
    • application scope refactor
    • application scope serialization/cache
    • strict compilation support for Lucee (local scoping, no cascading)
  • contributor / UI enhancements
    • new file formtool with direct CDN uploads
    • new image formtool with direct CDN uploads
    • new objectadmin with ajax loading
    • object overview and wizard UI overhaul
    • better mobile support in the webtop
  • developer features
    • new webskin tracer
  • deployment features
    • single project location
    • builds with precompilation

Hi Justin,

I have not really been away, but Slatwall projects have recently been pulling to the dark side of the river for too long. I have integrated Slatwall with FarCry, but what I would consider a full integration is close, but still a work in progress.

Great to see a number after FarCry greater than 7! And an interesting overview of what will be included. Is there a rough time frame for this?

I too use Docker & Lucee and would guess that the “single project location” is some enhancements aimed at Docker installations. Will be starting a separate thread for Docker-Compose setup for dev/production environments.


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