FarCry Core 7.2.9 Released

FarCry Core 7.2.9 has been released.

Important Upgrade Note: This maintenance release contains a new JAR file for JavaLoader which means that if you are deploying your Core updates using Git you may need to stop your application server to apply this update, particularly on Windows, due to the old JAR file being locked by the CFML engine.

Release Notes


[FC-2867] - Webtop don’t update from admin.coapi.application.updateapp screen
[FC-3088] - Skeleton export fails with MSSQL2012 DB gateway
[FC-3093] - can getMimeType() - do default mime type
[FC-3094] - Can’t cast String [string value] to a boolean
[FC-3095] - 404 not returned for URL contains bodyview but no objectid and type
[FC-3101] - Decimal database values are rounded incorrectly when saving
[FC-3102] - List of friendly URLs are identical
[FC-3105] - update javaloader to 1.2

New Feature

[FC-3103] - Friendly URLs that resolve to a canonical “clean” URL, should redirect to it


[FC-3100] - fapi.stream() for json content should be “application/json”
[FC-3104] - Update cache keys to use sanitised application names


Releases available for download from the website:

Or available direct from GitHub:

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