FarCry Core 7.2.4-7.2.6 Released

In truth we’ve been a bit remiss in announcing the last run of maintenance releases; there has been a lot of them in the last six months. If you’ve not been tracking updates it’s probably time to consider updating to get hold of a bunch of new fixes and minor enhancements both on the 7.2.x branch and earlier maintenance branches.

FarCry Core 7.2.6


* [FC-2857] - Deselecting a category does not remove the row from refCategories * [FC-3068] - FTP CDN CF11 compatibility * [FC-3069] - Image formtool preview cache buster breaks Cloudinary previews * [FC-3070] - Error when copying/duplicating an object with image/file formtool properties * [FC-3072] - Sort order modal not displaying tree nodes * [FC-3073] - savable key doesn't exist in arguments.schema.fields[thisfield] * [FC-3074] - Check ftMaxLength is numeric before comparing or creating validation rule * [FC-3075] - Improve S3 fileExists performance * [FC-3076] - Match FARCRY_CONFIG_ env vars on the beginning of the variable name


  • [FC-3077] - Allow debug output when environment is explicitly set to “development”
  • [FC-3078] - Show a 404 on the front end when viewing a draft object URL

FarCry Core 7.2.5


[FC-3064] - Webskin ancestors settings not being calculated in some cases

FarCry Core 7.2.4


  • [FC-3046] - Error in Object Broker when Lucee NULL support is enabled
  • [FC-3056] - Change default datetime precision to 3 instead of 6
  • [FC-3059] - Sanitize S3 URLs in error messages / logs
  • [FC-3060] - farFU performance
  • [FC-3061] - Lucee 5 S3 extension compatibility
  • [FC-3062] - encode HTML output in 500 page error details
  • [FC-3063] - Check objectid is a valid UUID in findType()
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