FarCry Core 7.2.11 released

FarCry Core 7.2.11 has been released.

This release contains some S3 and security enhancements and a change to session rotation to work with clustered sessions.


  • [FC-3169] - Page not found errors for certain types
  • [FC-3175] - dmCron listJobs should check Lucee version for result variable


  • [FC-3160] - Add flag that would be used for turning on informational login
  • [FC-3161] - S3 ioGetDirectoryListing() - use getS3Path()
  • [FC-3162] - S3 - ioGetDirectoryListing() cfdirectory to only return files
  • [FC-3163] - rotate session at the end of login() to support session cache
  • [FC-3164] - escape HTML in diff output before adding highlights
  • [FC-3165] - escape label HTML in webtop overview/summary/wizard/tree
  • [FC-3166] - Signed S3 URLs not valid
  • [FC-3167] - escape title/linktext/onclick in skin:buildLink
  • [FC-3168] - support S3 buckets with custom CNAME and dot in bucket name
  • [FC-3171] - S3 addCachedFile() not thread safe
  • [FC-3172] - Manage Configuration webtop page missing label as sortable field
  • [FC-1975] - Show in site tree button for admin toolbar


Releases available for download from the website:


Or available direct from GitHub:

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Awesome :tada: Can’t wait to update our containers :whale: