FarCry Builder: IDE for building types, rules, and forms


FarCry Builder is a tool to help you quickly create new FarCry content types or reorganise and refine existing content types. It features a side-by-side live preview and code editing interface which lets you see changes as you type, and a Formtool Palette for quick drag and drop insertion of new formtool properties.


You can install the FarCry Builder as a Chrome Extension. Download the following file, open the Tools -> Extensions menu in Chrome, and drag and drop the file onto the Extensions window. The extension will appear in the “Apps” section of a New Tab in Chrome.

Download FarCry Builder Chrome Extension: http://builder.farcrycore.org/builder-app.crx

Once installed, you can right click on the app icon and choose how you would like it to open:

Run in the browser

Alternatively, you can browse directly to http://builder.farcrycore.org/ (Firefox and Chrome only). The Chrome Extension is recommended though.



Is the code for this shared anywhere? I’d love to have a peek.


It used to be in the Atlassian SVN that was decommissioned, so for now about the best you can do it just hit “view source”… :slight_smile:

However I’m half way through a rewrite which basically means existing code has been binned; the plan is to make it flexible enough to add custom formtools or pre-defined formtool metadata libraries.