FarCry and Docker-Compose


I have been using Docker/Docker-Compose for some time and moving all develop work over to use Docker.

Getting back into FarCry development and looking to set up a quick start project on github.

Has anyone got a good Docker-Compose set up that they can share. If not, looking at modifying Geoff’s vagrant / workbench set up https://github.com/farcrycore/project-barebones for Docker-Compose.

Happy to share and collaborate on this to get it done.


We’ve got a Fandango Docker Demo on GitHub which has Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml that you can refer to;

Once you ensure that your environment specific settings can be set via environment variables it’s much easier to deploy your apps into staging and production environments with no code changes or environment specific logic.

It also makes use of the docker-workbench tool that we have which assists in creating your Docker VM, configuring the shared folder in the VM, and giving developers a consistent / cross platform approach to volume paths while also providing an nginx proxy to let you access your apps by hostname on port 80 without manually managing ports or hosts file entries.

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Great! Thanks Justin,

Looks like it has all the bits, just need to change to barebones and tweak a few bits.


Great to hear you’re still a fan of FarCry and moving to Docker :whale2:

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Daemonite Workbench:

The old vagrant implementation has fallen in a well and died :skull:

As @justin points out, Fandango demo is your most up to date option:

Hi Geoff,

I have never really been away. Always strongly discussing the relative merits and benefits of FarCry with team members on the other side of the river :facepunch: :nerd_face:

Currently migrating all development projects over to Docker, using Docker CE on Windows 10 Pro and Hyper-V.

Developing and reworking ideas for a robust and flexible local Docker Development environment for multiple projects of varying types. I had seen the Daemonite Workbench, but never used it as I thought it was still a VMBox Vargrant setup.

What I currently use includes:

  • Local dev code base - using volume
  • Local access to log files - using volume
  • Changing each development project to use nginx proxy to allow for multiple dev sites up and running sharing the same port
  • All local dev using Lucee
  • Portainer - makes things so easy to see what is up and running and status, looking at using this to manage remote Docker environments as well

I do like the use of .gitmodules to pull in the required FarCry repos.

Is there an up to date TDLR of what the Daemonite Workbench offers? I am, guessing that as it has moved away from Vargrant it is straight Docker and should work in any Docker environment.

If anyone else is interesting in learning Docker but think it is too difficult. It is not, and the following excellent course will get you up to speed very quickly. I can highly recommend Bret Fisher’s course content and style of delivery.