FarCry 7.2 Released

Release Notes

Developers can now activate User Impersonation on apps. This allows a user to see what another logged in user might see. Ideal for troubleshooting SaaS solutions. You can also separate DSNs into READ and WRITE to increase performance of apps by targeting READ replica databases. Plus a bunch of minor enhancements and fixes.

New Feature

[FC-3012] - User impersonation
[FC-3015] - Support separate read and write DSNs


[FC-2982] - Improve form theme configuration and flexibility
[FC-3013] - Remove unnecessary try … catches in core
[FC-3021] - Improve performance of S3 CDN directory listing
[FC-3022] - In S3 CDN configs, allow structs in admin list
[FC-3027] - New mime type - srt


[FC-3016] - Remove deprecated security variables


[FC-2983] - Signed S3 urls don’t include bucket in signed string
[FC-3014] - Enabling “bArraysAsStructs” for a content type breaks temporary objects for that type
[FC-3024] - ftLimitMin not working in longchar formtool
[FC-3025] - TinyMCE insert image request is aborted after 2 seconds
[FC-3026] - Status column is sometimes outputted twice in objectadmin tag
[FC-3028] - Discard login form object from tempobjectstore
[FC-3029] - Config properties with ftWatch don’t work with read-only values
[FC-723] - Changes needed to genericnav.cfm
[FC-3023] - Webtop user profile links
[FC-3030] - Element TYPE is undefined in F in fapi.cfc line:234

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