FarCry 7.2.8 not storing numeric data after decimal (MySQL 5.6 - CF11)


I have got a numeric type that i want to use for amount. In my DB (MySQL 5.6) column dbtype (and CF11) is mentioned as decimal(10.2). When i save the record via Webtop formtools (custom content type), the number is treated as an integer thus losing all the decimal digits and replacing all of these by zeros.

    <cfproperty name="amount" type="numeric" hint="Ποσό Παραβόλου" required="true" ftSeq="2" ftFieldset="Στοιχεία Πληρωμής" ftLabel="Ποσό Παραβόλου (€)" 
	ftWizardStep="Πληρωμή Παραβόλου" ftType="numeric" ftValidation="required"  dbPrecision="10,2" />

If i do the reverse by changing the DB Column directly via MySQL GUI interface to a decimal number then i get the correct decimal value back via Webtop formtools, but in my Webskin i get the truncated format (integer only) via #stobj.amount#.

Any idea what should i do step by step not to cause any error?


Thankfully i was able to overcome this numeric storage decimal issue by following step by step these helpful tips.

Regards once again

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