FarCry 7.0 Shiny Installer Workout

@justincarter just tagged and bagged 7.0.0 for release, and the new shiny installer is available for download here:


Before we start shouting from the roof-tops about how supergeil it all is, we need everyone to give the installer a workout.

A few things we’re looking for:

  • does it work! we’ve tested it in our various environments but what about yours?
  • does it make sense? its completely new.
  • we’re shipping with three different install options; chelsea boots, fandango and barebones

It should work in any combination for the following environments:

  • CFML: railo express 4+/railo 4+/ACF 9+ (might work on ACF8?)
  • WEB: apache/iis/nginx
  • OS: Linux/Windows/OSX
  • Database: mySQL 5+/MSSQL2005+/H2 (flat file database that ships with Railo)

Any feedback is welcome — comments on language, hints, etc. Anything that’s not obvious. We’re hoping this can be the easiest installer we’ve written.

TODO list

  • add redirect from /farcry to /farcry/core/webtop/install
  • add README with installation instructions; namely set up a blank database and datasource
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Trying on Jelastic now
Tomcat / Railo 4.2

after dropping farcry into webroot,
then navigating to /farcry,
should it redirect to the install path (given nothing installed yet)?

/farcry/core does

Does this installer allow for multiple sites of one core?
Used to be called Advanced Install

Yep, it probably should. Plus a README on how to install.

Will add to the TODO list.

All running

  • barebones project on mySQL (maria DB 10)

I am sure I set the login password, but it remained as farcry

Will play around with it some more tomorrow

For folks who may want to comment but can’t see the installer, here’s a screenshot walkthrough.

STEP 1 Select a Skeleton

Installer scans the ./farcry/skeletons and ./farcry/projects for projects to install. The ./farcry/plugins folder needs to have a copy of the plugins any particular skeleton might require. A skeleton is just a project that has been exported, and includes sample data.

STEP 2: Set up the project farcryContructor.cfm

A quick flight check to make sure everything is good to go. Defaults to the settings in the skeleton but the installer can nominate their own settings. Note the installer needs a blank database and datasource set up to proceed.

STEP 3: Run the installer

Final check before the installer runs. This step should show all changes the installer can expect on their system.

STEP 4: Install and confirm

Progress is reported via AJAX updates. If successful you can go straight to the webtop or web site. The sysadmin username/password will be shown.

The readme file needs an update as well :wink:

Ok - Started out fresh with the core and the skeleton in the download provided above. The result was however the same as reported in Problems installing FC on Railo/Linux/mySQL :frowning:

The gods don’t want me to have FarCry running on this server. I will however prevail :slight_smile:

Password bug fixed: