Farcry 6.0~6.1 on Railo 4.2 - Related Content

I have a Farcry 6.0.14 and Farcry 6.2.8 on Railo 4.2
and on both of them, when editing body of HTML page,
when the popup for related content opens it is totally empty - no tabs or anything

I am not seeing any JS errors

In Google Chrome, in developer tools I am not seeing any 404s or other issues.

When I view the files, I can see the HTML for the content.
On a CF8 server, looking at the same code, the preview shows rendered code, where as the one from Railo just shows the html code.

Anyone else on Railo seeing this?

Anyone got any ideas what might be going on here?

Do you think it’s similar to this bug that Blair fixed recently in p630?

If you make the same change manually does it resolve it? We might just need to backport the fix.

This is due to a Railo change to the way “remote” CFCs work. Previously the
output of such functions where returned with an “html” MIME type by
default, but they are now returned as “WDDX”. This breaks the jQuery
functionality used to automatically handle responses. I’ll look at
back-merging the fix as soon as as I can.


Thanks Blair and Justin.

I added this to ajaxGetTemplateDropdowns()

called by

and copied your ajaxSetTemplatePreview() function as well