Extending dmNavigation.cfc

So, I’m trying to extend dmNavigation.cfc to add a couple of different fields. I basically copied the property for ‘title’ and put that into my new cfc with some modifications to the property. While COAPI tools picked up the modification and added the fields, the interface for editing the dmNavigation object does not display the two new input fields. I’m running FC 7.1

Here is the sum of the extension:

type properties

    <cfproperty name="PT" type="string" required="no" default="" ftWizardStep="Start"
    ftSeq="22" ftFieldSet="General Details" ftLabel="Portuguese Title"  />
    <cfproperty name="ES" type="string" required="no" default=""  ftWizardStep="Start"
    ftSeq="25" ftFieldSet="General Details" ftLabel="Spanish Title" />

You will need to edit/override webskin/dmNavigation/edit.cfm

It’s possible you’ll just need to add your fields to:

P.S. to override the edit file, have the same folder/file in your project’s webskin folder. This is best if your dmNavigation extension is also in your project

Good luck :smile:

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That was exactly it! Thank you!