Embeds, shortcodes and view post processing

Easy Embeds for Views

Ever wanted to just add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in your content and have the system convert it to the right embed code? How about a Tweet, or a Gist? If the embed changes (or your design changes!) how cool would it be to just update a central location and have all your embeds update?

Oh, and ever tried to man handle a large embed in a rich text editor like tinyMCE? It can be more than a bit messy. One seriously cool solution is to post-process your content. Have contributors add URLs or “ShortCodes” into their content and then let the view automatically determine what the right embed should be.

For example, simple URLs for a YouTube video and a Tweet in the body content…

get transformed into a beautiful embed for your page :smile:

Activating post processing functions

Post processing can be added to a webskin using the @@postprocess webskin decorator, and those transformations will be applied before the webskin is cached:

<!--- @@postprocess: youtube(width=720,height=405);gist;twitter --->

This can be applied more selectively with a function or a tag:

<!--- using a function call --->
<cfset result = application.fc.lib.postprocess.apply(stObj.body,"youtube(width=720,height=405);gist")>
<!--- using a custom tag call from the ./tags/webskin library --->
<skin:postprocess functions="youtube(width=720,height=405);gist">#stObj.body#</skin:postprocess>

The function strings must be a semi-colon ( ; ) separated list of functions in the form:



  • an optional library name (this is the name of a component in the lib package in core, your project, or any plugin)
  • optional arguments (must be named)

These embed functions have been included in core by default:

You can add your own project specific post-processing functions by creating a ./packages/lib/postprocess.cfc component and extending ./core/packages/lib/postprocess.cfc from the core framework.

View post processing functions were added in the FarCry 6.2.3 release, and is available in every release since


Yay! @blair added more post process functions to the default library (p700 maintenance branch):

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I moved a post to a new topic: Dynamic image gallery creation using post processing

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Forgot to mention @jorgenskogas pull request for Google Calendar embed support… nice :smile:

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