Ecommerce plugin

Dear friends,
Does anybody aware of a plugin for webshop for FarCry?


Hi Mika,

I have successfully integrated Slatwall ( ) into FarCry.

Slatwall is a very powerful eCommerce application, see my review at

Will be reworking my Slatwall plugin over the winter months and will make this available as open source, but this will not be until early next year.


Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot for reply! Let me look at that. Are there any docs on FC integration available?
Thanks again,

Nothing directly related to integrating Slatwall within FarCry, but some basic details for integrating Slatwall within other applications on the Slatwall docs site

I started with this and over a few iterations have improved the integration.


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Thanks a lot, Chris. Really helps a lot!

Post questions back here for FarCry side of integration.
Or Slatwall group for Slatwall specific questions.!forum/slatwallecommerce