dmImage Library Picker Showing Home Page in Modal on Filter or pagination click

We’ve extended the dmNews object to have some additional fields. We’ve also set it up so that the object is at it’s own unique fu path. We’re finding that when we try to edit from the webtop and assign a teaser image, clicking on “page 2” of the pagination results in the modal box jumping to display the home page.

I’d looked at my http traffic on my machine and it seems like this is pretty interesting:

Status 200: /index.cfm?type=dmNewsFrance&objectid=9B425FB0-9AB3-11E5-ADF60050569A4B6C&view=webtopPageModal&bodyview=displayLibraryTabs&property=teaserImage&fieldname=fc9B425FB09AB311E5ADF60050569A4B6CteaserImage&dialogID=fcModal&page=2

Status 301: /news/fr/9B425FB0-9AB3-11E5-ADF60050569A4B6C/displayLibrary/ajaxmode/true/property/teaserImage/filterTypename/dmImage

Status 200: /news-and-resources/fr/9B425FB0-9AB3-11E5-ADF60050569A4B6C/displayLibrary/ajaxmode/true/property/teaserImage/filterTypename/dmImage/fr/9B425FB0-9AB3-11E5-ADF60050569A4B6C/displayLibrary/ajaxmode/true/property/teaserImage/filterTypename

I had a custom displayLibrary.cfm file set up, but I’ve removed it now. It seems like this is somehow related to the fuAlias on the content object being “news/fr” and the system not resolving that properly. I’ve looked in the farFU table and I do see objects that have the correct URLs and they seem to resolve properly… So, I’m a little stumped on what to try next.

Are you saying that the alias on the content type has a slash in it? FarCry
would probably be ok with random slashes in the object friendly URLs (i.e.
the ones in farFU), since those are compared as whole strings, but content
type aliases are compared against the first segement of the URL.


Here is the opening declaration on our Content Type CFC:

When clicking on “Page 2” for the picker, it seems like we’re picking up that 301 error when calling to /news/fr as I’m assuming is defined in the fuAlias from the object .cfc file. But then it tries to jump to /news-and-resources … which is a navigation node in the site tree, but “/fr/” is not a nav node in the site tree.

Can I modify the component declaration to have a defined alias?

You will need to change the fuAlias to not have a /. A hyphen would be
fine there.


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