Different performance FarCry 6.0.13 -> FarCry 7.2.3 under ColdFusion 11


we’re running some older customers websites still with FarCry 6.0.13 (each on a seperate CF-11 instance) and we have also new website running with FarCry 7.2.3, also on a seperate CF-11 instance. In our FusionReactor-Monitoring we can see significant differences in performance between the different FarCry versions 6.0.13 and 7.2.3. I can not find the reason why for this. Each running CF-11 instance has the same settings.

Does anyone have a hint for me, why FarCry 7 performs 5 to 6 times slower in average on our CF-11 instances ?
What should I look for ?

Website with FarCry 6.0.13

Website with FarCry 7.2.3

My first thought is that it could be related to CF11. When you update CF11 you often need to also re-run the web connector to avoid significant performance issues. Did you perhaps run it on the instance/sites that the FC6 apps are on but not run it for the instance/sites that the FC7 apps are on?

Is this the same app you are profiling, or two different apps?

I’ve run some tests on the front end of a simple site in both 6.0 and 7.2 and found the results to be basically identical (and fast), but this is on Railo 4.2, I don’t have CF11 installed.

p600     p720
25       26
26       28
26       29
29       26
28       27
26       26
26       25
26       27
29       26
24       25
29       32
29       27
32       27
26       28
25       26

So there is definitely nothing “low level” in the framework itself in 7.2 that would be causing performance issues.

It’s either likely to be some specific code (possibly a tag in core, e.g. genericNav, or possibly your custom application code), or it could be related to the CF11 engine (e.g. the “connector” bug where you need to make sure you have re-run the web connector after you have applied updates to CF).

Also remember that you can being to track down slow webskins easily using the Webskin Tracer:

And in Fusion Reactor you can click on a request in the Request History, then go to the JDBC tab and find out if you are running too many queries or some slow running queries:

Ideally if you’re doing a true performance comparison you would compare the same app and only vary the version of Core – comparing 2 different apps and 2 different versions of Core will give funny results that are hard to line up or draw a useful conclusion from.

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Thank you very much for your hints.
I will check all the points you’ve noted.

We are experiencing the same. All our sites after upgrading to FC 7 seems slower (Upgrade was from FC6.x on CF9 to FC7 on CF10, we later upgraded to CF11). @Knut: Is it be possible for you to test the same site/application on FC6.0.x and FC 7.2.x?

I will try to make time for some testing next week.

I’ve checked the conncetor and the connector is uptodate. I have only one conncetor for all CF-11 instances (under Linux), which is stored in “/opt/coldfusion11/config/wsconfig/1/mod_jk.so”. So I don’t have to update every single instance, when the connector was updated through a CF-11 update.

Yes, it are different websites and yes, this might be the hook. But all the different 6.0.13 websites do nearly have the same performance.

Here’s another example for site with 6.0.13 core:

Good hints. Thank you very much. I think I have to dive deeper into the things.
First I will make a test with differen cores on the same site.

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