Dealing with Farcry Default Roles

We recently upgraded to FC 7 and I’ve been trying to tweak the default roles. For example, I want to let Contributors approve their own content. When I make the changes under Admin > Roles > Contributors > Site Permissions > CanApproveOwnContent and select the appropriate options for the site tree, none of these changes seem to take effect. I even updated the application, but the Contributor role seems to still be stuck with the same old permissions. Is there something else that I am supposed to change?

Did the contributor user log out and log back in?

Which version of FarCry Core are you using? You can see the version number in the bottom right corner of the footer when you are logged in to the webtop.

@MNM: Did you also try to change the content type security?

Admin > Roles > Contributors > Content Type Security > {Content type row} > CanApproveOwnContent
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Thanks! That did the trick! :smile:

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