Custom content pagination error

I would like to use pagination option for a custom content HTML table, but unfortunately i have got a problem with <skin:view>.

The code that i use is the following:


	 webskin="displayTeaserStandard" />


Despite the fact that there is stContent.objectid via cfump, i get the following error:

Any idea that could help me?


I think we need to see more of the error context. The error is coming from the SEO library according to that first portion of the stack trace. Can you show the rest of the error so we can see where everything is being called from?

I post the missing part for a better overview


ok so this has nothing to do with pagination. the error is coming from your displayHeaderStandard.cfm webskin. You’re making a call on line 7 that is missing an argument or something. Its hard to say without seeing your code in that webskin, but I’d check that or even just comment out the line if it isn’t something you need to test right now and then come back to it once you figure out your pagination.

Thanks for your assistance!

I figured out that the following line causes the problem, as i have not enabled yet friendly url requests. So what should i do with it.

<cfparam name="stParam.title" default="#application.fc.lib.seo.getTitle()#">


If i comment it out, i get the following message


application.fc.lib.seo.getTitle() outputs empty string.

Unfortunately i can not avoid it with any way.


Something is for sure off with whatever you’re attempting to do. Even looking at the URL you’re using. You’re trying to use a teaser webskin as the main view for the page. Is the code in a public git repo or something where I could see the full context here?

Should i send you the custom content teaser webskin code or rename the webskin to something else?


I found the problem to my custom type pagination error by using another webskin as the main view for the page and teaser webskin inside webskin pagination.


I finally found my problem to pagination error! Unfortunately i have got now problem with Site tree navigation regarding custom content type. I have used reinitialize application and COAPI metadata options available, but still no luck!