Custom content (no utf-8 charset support)


I have successfully created a custom content menu, but unfortunately when i try to insert or edit new content item i get for foreign characters utf-8 (???). Any idea what could it be wrong?


Additionally i have created custom dropdown fields for legalform and city (mysql db fields).

If i want to create multi-lingual content via specific flag option (English - German - etc) is that possible and how?


This shouldn’t be a problem. There are a couple of things to look for;
Is your MySQL using UFT-8 encoding? eg:

Does your Datasource connection string have ?characterEncoding=UTF-8 on it?
In Lucee it’s here (see below) and on Coldfusion you’ll need to add in under Advanced in the specific datasource setup.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I think mySQL does not have got any problem:

In Coldfusion what exactly i have to do

I just did what you said to CF datasource connection String and it worked for me


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what does your custom content type look like? I always use type=“nstring” for string fields so that the database uses nvarchar (on MSSQL) field types. This ensures that these types of characters are handled properly.