Core 7.0.5 tagged

FarCry core tag for 7.0.5 has been released.

  1. Delete (or rename/move) your old “core” folder (this may require stopping your CF/Railo service due to locked .jar files).
  2. Drop in the new version of the “core” folder (either clone using Git or download the zip.
  3. ?updateapp=<projectkey> to restart the application

Enjoy :whale:


[FC-2890] - farFU.getFU() will search for a friendlyURL regardless of ‘bFriendly’ attribute on type cfc
[FC-2894] - mobile webskin switching not working when url has hash
[FC-2895] - Avoid drop on an existing table when a “new” table is deployed
[FC-2896] - An empty string returnURL throws an error on webtop login
[FC-2897] - ftValidation highlighting does not work with wizards form.
[FC-2898] - Error message does not get displayed if it fails password policy on register/create new user
[FC-2900] - bulkuploader url issue
[FC-2901] - Password field does not support inline form style
[FC-2902] - Register New User form page is using inline field style.
[FC-2903] - Config migration to p700 sometimes doesn’t update configTypename
[FC-2904] - Spaces (specifically double spaces) in files are causing problems
[FC-2911] - webtop bulk uploader not working with cloudinary plugin
[FC-2914] - Missing mime type (DNG) for file extensions that isn’t registered on the host OS


[FC-2891] - Formtool Autosave Feature