"Connection is not open" error when editing images using FTP

I have a Farcry 7.2.9 site running in a Docker container and I’m using FTP to upload images and files to Limelight. I’m able to add images to the Content > Image Library. However, when I try to edit an image, I get a “Connection is not open” error (The line numbers above may be a little off as I’ve added some code to help me troubleshoot.):

Error Overview
Core Version:	7.2.9
Machine:	c9831d5d7861
Instance:	unknown
Message:	Connection is not open - Connection is not open
Browser:	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:54.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/54.0
DateTime:	{ts '2017-08-15 17:36:43'}
Host:	alphadev.connectionsmedia.com
HTTPReferer:	http://alphadev.connectionsmedia.com/webtop/edittabOverview.cfm?typename=dmImage&objectid=42967550-7D28-11E7-82000223E6FB26F6&ref=iframe
QueryString:	objectid=42967550-7D28-11E7-82000223E6FB26F6&ref=iframe&typename=dmImage
Bot:	not a bot
Error Details
Exception Type:	java.io.IOException
Tag Context:	

    /var/www/farcry/core/packages/cdn/ftp.cfc (line: 531)
    /var/www/farcry/core/packages/lib/cdn.cfc (line: 357)
    /var/www/farcry/projects/fandango/packages/formtools/image.cfc (line: 1154)
    /var/www/farcry/projects/fandango/packages/formtools/image.cfc (line: 202)
    /var/www/farcry/core/tags/formtools/object.cfm (line: 512)
    /var/www/farcry/core/packages/types/types.cfc (line: 998)
    /var/www/farcry/core/tags/navajo/edit.cfm (line: 145)
    /var/www/farcry/core/webtop/edittabEdit.cfm (line: 59)

Any ideas on how to resolve? I’m able to edit an image that I just uploaded, but when I try to edit older images, I get the above error. Do I need add location settings for any cache or temp folders that point to Limelight in _serverSpecificVarsAfterInit.cfm?


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I wonder if it’s a timeout or permissions issue with Limelight since you say you can edit the images shortly after you upload them, but not at a later date. What happens if you try to manually ftp changes to one of the images? Do you get an error from Limelight?

I’m guessing that if you’re using Docker then you’re using Lucee, which version? Or a particular version of Adobe CF?

I’ve used Limelight as an FTP CDN with ACF11 in the past and the re-use of FTP connections and Limelights connection limits were too big of a hurdle for anything more than infrequent content management of CDN assets. The FTP CDN should re-use existing FTP connections where appropriate and create a new connection when it needs to, and this didn’t seem to be a problem when I tested with Lucee (4.5) but it was a real problem with ACF, so if you’re also seeing this behaviour now then it’d need to be fully debugged again.

I don’t really have any other specific suggestions on how to resolve your issues other than to say that it was easier and cheaper solution for us to migrate to AWS S3 for all content managed assets, and it provides a better user experience to boot (it’s much faster than dealing with FTP).

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Thanks for your replies.

@jeff - I’m able to manually FTP without errors.

@justincarter - I’m using Lucee Easier and cheaper sounds good to me, so I’ll give AWS S3 a try. :slight_smile:

I revisited this issue and was able to resolve by changing the value of the transferMode from “binary” to “auto” in the cfftp call in /core/packages/cdn/ftp.cfc > ioReadFile().


Hi @dckalorama! Thank you SO much for posting an update!

Although our setup is very different, and I don’t even know what FarCry is, but your solution worked for me!

So grateful after 2 days of not being able to upload one single file to an FTP server!