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We recently upgraded to FC 7. It wasn’t until we has users testing that we noticed that the Links option under CMS content was missing. I’m relatively new to the Farcry framework and I’ve been pouring over as much of the documentation I can find, but I’m not quite sure where to look to fix the issue. I’m assuming there is a variable somewhere that needs to be set? If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.


Are you referring to the Link content type (deprecated)? If so, those have been replaced with nav node redirections a few years ago (just edit a nav node that used to house a dmLink child element and instead tell the nav node to redirect to wherever you would like it to go).

Links were part of the FarCry CMS plugin up to version 6.x.

If you have upgraded an old site that makes use of Links then you have two choices;

  1. If your Links are only used in the Site Tree, then you can edit the Navigation node that the link is attached to and choose the “Redirect” option for the navigation node type, then enter the URL of the link. After that you can delete the Link from the Site Tree.

  2. If you used Links in places other than the Site Tree, you may need to re-add support for the Link content type (dmLink) and the associated page in the webtop. To do this you can copy some of the code from the p600 branch of the FarCry CMS plugin:

The files you may need to copy in to your project include;

  • customadmin/dmLink.cfm
  • packages/rules/ruleLinks.cfc
  • packages/types/dmLink.cfc
  • webskins/dmLink/* (don’t overwrite files that may already be in your project)
  • webskins/ruleLink/* (don’t overwrite files that may already be in your project)

To add Links to your webtop navigation meny, you’ll need to add a link in your project customadmin.xml, similar to this (line 8):

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Thanks so much! This definitely helps! :smile: