Cloudinary: cloud based image management plugin

Cloudinary provides an extension to image management that allows specific image properties to be manipulated and served through the Cloudinary SaaS.

The Cloudinary Plugin is fully integrated into FarCry Core image management sub-system, allowing editors to upload hi-res source images and dynamically serve custom crops, optimised images and more through the Cloudinary service.

Formally a commercial plugin, the Daemonites have released the plugin under LGPL for the community at large.


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Cloudinary has released several cool automated settings for image cropping and importantly size reduction on the fly. Daemonite @justincarter has added a bunch of configs to Cloudinary that enable these settings site wide.

Introducing smart cropping, intelligent quality selection and automated responsive images
Every image is unique and every one of your website visitors is different. In a perfect world, we’d like to adapt each image individually to be “just right” for every user. With “just right” being perfectly cropped, using responsive dimensions, correct encoding settings and optimal quality with the best image format.

Specifically, this includes Webtop Admin configuration toggles for:

  • Intelligent content-aware encoding - ‘q_auto’
  • Dynamic format selection - ‘f_auto’
  • IPTC metadata retention

Applied correctly, this can lead to significant bandwidth savings across the account.

Cloudinary Plugin v1.2

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