[closed] Webskin not found `/webskin/farPagination/displayLinksBootstrap.cfm`


I’m using v7.0.5 of FarCry with latest CMS plugin. I’m getting the following error when using the default dmNews webskins:

Error: Webskin not found [/webskin/farPagination/displayLinksBootstrap.cfm] and no alternate html provided. 
typename: farCoapi. 
objectid: E9718D01-2924-11E1-9DB000505690079E.
Tag Context:     
- Q:\inetpub\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxx\core\packages\fourq\fourq.cfc (line: 344)
- Q:\inetpub\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxx\core\tags\webskin\pagination.cfm (line: 189)
-  Q:\inetpub\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxx\plugins\farcrycms\webskin\dmNews\displayTypeBody.cfm (line: 30)
- Q:\inetpub\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxx\core\packages\fourq\fourq.cfc (line: 446)
- Q:\inetpub\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxx\core\packages\fourq\fourq.cfc (line: 338)

I’ve had a look and can’t find a copy of displayLinksBoostrap.cfm in any of the v6 and v7 versions of FarCry and CMS plugin.

Should the plugin contain this file or does the plugin need to be updated to not use displayLinksBootstrap?


Sounds like a bug in the CMS plugin, I think that webskin is from the Chelsea sample project. To work around it you’ll need to copy plugins\farcrycms\webskin\dmNews\displayTypeBody.cfm into your own projects webskin\dmNews folder to override it and remove the attribute :slight_smile:

Thanks Justin - will give that a go now. Actually that makes sense as this is the design you guys did for us and the last update we had done was around the same time as Chelsea - so not hard to imagine some parts of it turning up in our code :smile:

I just grabbed displayTypeBody from GitHub -> master and it also has the same reference in it:

	query="qNews" recordsPerPage="3"
	paginationID="" linksWebskin="displayLinksBootstrap"  top="false" bottom="true"
	<skin:view objectID="#stNews.objectID#" typename="dmNews" template="displayTeaserStandard" />

Yeah it’s not meant to be there :wink:

While I’m cleaning up the Methusalah…

7.0.1 released.

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