[closed] Upgrade to Lucee 5


I’m looking at upgrading our servers from lucee 4.5 to lucee 5.0. Is there a recommended minimum FarCry version? If you have time, are there any general CFML pitfalls with the upgrade?

Many thanks

You should be on the latest; 7.2.6+ There were a couple of 5.x specific fixes around S3 file management.

We’re all Docker :whale: these days so server upgrades (or downgrades) are just a config :tools: away. From what i hear, the 4.5 to 5.x upgrade on Lucee is very straightforward. You can probably do it direct from the web admin; failing that its just a JAR file replace and restart.

Good luck! :tophat:

Thanks modius!

Docker? Config tools? :confused: