[closed] The 'language' attribute on the 'script' element is obsolete

As per HTML standards the script language attribute is now considered obsolete. There are 10 files in FarCry core that still use the language attribute.


The problem (for those trying to pass site compliance checks) only comes from those that output to the frontend.

It would be better to have the output as <script type="text/javascript"> rather than <script language="javascript"> (example taken from longchar.cfc)

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Have updated all the files in core p710 that appeared to be suffering… tragically the majority of these files are pure detritus; not sure this commit will improve much. Need to come through these files with a chainsaw instead :wink:

You’ll need to be on the p710 branch to see these changes. The branch will be tagged shortly as the new 7.1 release.


When you say tagged shortly…days, weeks? What I’m really wanting to know is if current p710 is production ready?

Thanks Geoff!