[closed] The key [fuLookup] does not exist

Hi All,
I seem to be getting this on 7.1.0/Railo4.2/Mysql after upgrading from 7.0.8. It appears to be infrequently random and normally on the webtop. Restarting the railo server fixes it.

Are you on the latest commit / HEAD of p710 at the moment?

I think I may have fixed this issue on the 4th June, which was after the 7.1.0 tag:

You should be able to update to either that commit, or the HEAD of p710.

That Maybe. I was thinking it was from the head but a few weeks back. Will
check it out, it may have been from the branch.

Phillip Rasmussen
(sent by mobile phone)

Cheers Justin,
My 7.1 was from 24/4/2015 so I’ve applied it as a patch in the mean time.

FYI I’ve tagged 7.1.1 today :smile: