[closed] Pagination in webtop loses filter

In FarCry 7 if you use a filter in the webtop that returns more than one page of results, moving to another page removes the filter. e.g. in the attached screenshot I’ve filtered on “student-services” but if I click on page 2,3,4 etc., Next or Last the filter is removed.

If I first go to page 5 (for example) and THEN filter the results, it shows me page 5 of the filtered results…however again if I move to a different page the filter is again removed.


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Yep looks like a core objectadmin bug, I’d say that search term is only kept when the search form is submitted.

As a workaround can you try using the “advanced filter” button next to the search box and enter your search into the advanced search form? I think that one will still work with pagination :slight_smile:

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Thanks Justin - workaround does work…to be honest I didn’t even realise that icon represented something I could click on to show the advanced filter until I went looking for it :smile:

I think this should be fixed now, I made some changes yesterday which fix this and another pagination issue. Core 7.0.6 was tagged this morning and the site is finally updated with new download bundles :slight_smile:


Thanks Justin. Applying this to the servers now.