[closed] Outdated files in Chelsea skeleton and Github repo


I think there are some outdated files in the “Chelsea” skeleton and and also in the Github repo.

The linksWebskin=“displayLinksBootstrap” tag is still in the following files:

  • skeletons\chelsea\webskin\dmEventListing\displayPageStandard.cfm
  • skeletons\chelsea\webskin\dmNewsListing\displayPageStandard.cfm

And by the way, I think it was not really necessary to add the “dmNews/displayTypeBody.cfm” to the Github repo. This file was updated in the CMS-Plugin. The file version in the Chelsea Github repo includes still the linksWebskin=“displayLinksBootstrap” tag.

Those plugins were only updated today after I did the 7.2.1 release :slight_smile: Those fixes will go into the next community distro.

:+1: Ok, I did’nt know.