[closed] Friendly URL redirection with query parameters

I think there’s a slight issue with redirection to default friendly URLs.

If I navigate to /index.cfm?objectid=B1B6A830-E3AE-11E4-8D66005056A87EDF&x=a.b&y=c.d, I get redirected to /test-pages?y=c.d&x=a.b. The test pages part is right and the query string is almost right but it is using & instead of &.

I think the application.fapi.getLink calls in farFU.cfc:~800 need to add the parameter ampDelim="&" to force the use of the correct delimiter.

In case it matters, I am using FarCry 7.0.6. Hopefully this is a an actual bug this time :smile:

Definitely looks like a bug, and I think that fix is correct :slight_smile:

Interestingly, if you remove the “.” characters from your variable values then the problem goes away, although the URL format changes to use the /frienld-url/key1/value1/key2/value2 format instead of query string variables.

Fix is in p700 and p710:


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