[closed] FarCry 7 is saving incorrect date/timestamps on the dateTimeCreated/dateTimeLastUpdated fields when using versioned content types

Any versioned content we create in FarCry 7 sets the dateTimeCreated (and often dateTimeLastUpdated) incorrectly. This is happening to us in both production and dev environments.

We are using the latest code from p720, MSSQL 2016, and ColdFusion 2016 (latest patch - update 2).

Quick test:

  1. Create an HTML page or a custom type (that extends versions)
  2. Go to the overview screen and click on the detail/dump button that shows all the fields.
  3. The dateTimeCreated and dateTimeLastUpdated should be the same at this point, but they’re not. In fact they are way off - often set to timestamps many hours in the future and sometimes a few hours in the past.

Other info:

  • Nav nodes always have this field set to 00:00 hours (ignoring the timestamp altogether)
  • Sometimes the dateTimeLastUpdated will be correct (not sure why, but it’s not always correct).
  • Both values are often set into the future (sometimes up to 13 hours in the future - it seems random) and sometimes in the past.
  • This doesn’t seem to affect content types that extend “types” (at least from my tests so far).

dmHTML object on Lucee 4.5 with mySQL looks good here. Server locale is Australia/Sydney.

dmNavigation dateTimeCreated looks off – possibly its rounded to the nearest hour?

There are several areas that can affect timestamps; we’d need to narrow this down:

  • database server time and locale
  • datasource settings that might affect locale
  • Java locale setting
  • server time stamp

We generally have everything set to UTC, with a specific locale nominated for Java/Tomcat.

We’re researching now to see if maybe it has something to do with the dateimte field being datetime2 now. We’ll report back when we have more.

Note: We’re using SQL 2016 (I thought it was SQL 2014). Could also be related.

Okay. Finally figured it out. It was a bug in CF2016 Update 2. It is fixed in CF2016 Update 3 (along with a ton of other datetime related bugs).

Please close this bug.

Ref bugs fixed in Update 3: https://helpx.adobe.com/coldfusion/kb/bugs-fixed-coldfusion-2016-update-3.html

Whoa… Good to know, thanks Jeff :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me Update 3 was released a few days before I reported this bug. Wish I had thought to try that first. Now I have a lot of damaged data in databases =\

Just an FYI in case anyone still runs into this issue, a few weeks ago we found that it still causes all sorts of date problems when wizards are used for any types or rules. This is not a bug in FarCry (so no need to re-open the ticket here), but a bug in ColdFusion 2016 when serializing a date object in WDDX. Sean submitted a bug to Adobe (here is the link in case you’d like to vote for it https://tracker.adobe.com/#/view/CF-4198173)

For the moment Sean wrote a workaround code snippet that circumvents around the issue for FarCry. If you’d like the code, let us know here and maybe Sean can share it.


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