[closed] Default site tree home for specific profiles not working

Looking into these…

Confirmed. Looks like in dmNavigation/webtopBody.cfm it loads the value of the default site tree location as an ObjectID. (Actually, on my system its 2 UUID separated by a comma for some reason) but the code expects an alias value (‘home’, ‘root’, etc) so this fails. So, two problems, why is the user edit form setting the “overviewHome” property to 2 comma separated UUIDs and why does the webskin seem to expect an alias instead of a UUID. IMO, it should work with both.

More to follow as I try the other issues…

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I’ve fixed the default Site Tree location with this ticket, commit is in p700:

You will need to edit the user and re-save to fix the data problem as the duplicate IDs will have been saved to the database, then the user will need to log out and log back in.

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I checked some older databases and some records did have aliases in the column instead of UUIDs, so I’ve just done another commit to support both.

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