[closed] Content Type Security alert() on every click

When creating/editing a role and you use the wizard step “Content Type Security”, any item you check/uncheck causes an alert box with the message “change unsuccessful. The page will be refreshed.” (quoted exactly)

I am currently using p700 (I first noticed this bug last June, so it’s been around a while). The change referenced in the error is actually successful. The iframe, however, refreshed. So, when you go to create a role and set all of the necessary security changes, it takes a very long time. It does work in the end though, but is very time consuming.

See Screenshot

In this example I am editing the role for “Contributors” and I clicked on the (x) for the approve column on dmHTML. But it happens for all (x)'s and checkmarks on all columns, core types, and custom types. In this example I was using Firefox, but I believe it happens on all browsers.

Hmmm, I haven’t seen this before but “change unsuccessful” doesn’t look good… I’ll see what I can do.

These permission changes are ajax requests and the alert message you’re seeing comes from a failed XHR. When I look at the Net panel for XHR in Firebug I can see the request and a successful 200 response.

Could I get you to inspect your network requests and/or have a look at your application/exception logs to see if there is any more error message details? (Worth noting, the request does go through the front controller and so it would rely on webskin security access to edit* webskins).

Also, you can’t see the full URL of the XHR in the above screenshot but it is something like:


Good call. Mine is calling editAjaxSavePermission as well, however it shows a CF error in core/webskin/farRole/editAjaxSavePermission.cfm (line: 31)

The error was: Element CFTOKEN is undefined in SESSION.

btw, I’m on CF10 (mac) and latest p700.

Hah, so it’s crashing creating the success message string (after the role permissions have already been saved)… I’ll patch that today :slight_smile: Thanks for the debug info.

Heh. Thanks for helping me track it down. I should have thought to use Firebug in the first place since I’m in there all day anyway.

Another bug bites the dust. (okay, that sounded cooler in my head)

Fixed in p700.