[closed] CDN: private files or secure files

In packages/lib/cdn.cfc, there seems to be two ways to refer to non-public files.

The general consensus seems to be privatefiles:

However, securefiles are still around:

Is securefiles legacy?

Nice catch :slight_smile: The CDN “location” is indeed called “privatefiles” not “securefiles”.

I’ve fixed these in p720 – two were sample code (used in the docs), the other one in the formtool would have only checked “publicfiles” since the “securefiles” location didn’t exist.

The one place that the string “securefiles” is still used is in the local directory path for the “privatefiles” CDN location (used by cdn/local.cfc, but actually initialised in core/Application.cfc)

<cfset application.path.secureFilePath = "#application.path.project#/securefiles">
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I found this because using the video formtool causes an error since the location doesn’t exist. The function in question is ioFileExists: