[closed] Category tree formtool missing features in 7.0

FarCry 7.0 had a series of changes to categories and the related category tree formtool. Whilst necessary these changes have led to a loss of functionality relative to the category tree formtool in 6.x.

Category Tree in edit handler is not expanding as default when there are already sub-categories checked

Select a category:

Save and re-edit the content item, and the category tree is collapsed:

Note the category item is actually selected for – you just need to manually expand the tree to see the category. This is a real pain for editors with deep keyword hierarchies as its very difficult to see what is and isn’t selected.

UPDATE: [FC-2851] - FarCry Community fixed

Category Tree is not restricted to type alias

By nominating an ftalias attribute on the formtool metadata, the category tree should be restricted to only the branches that have that alias.

	name="catNews" type="longchar" hint="News categorisation." required="no" default="" 
	ftseq="90" ftfieldset="Publishing Options" ftlabel="News Category"
	fttype="category" ftalias="dmNews" />

Aliases are added through the Manage Keyword utility:

UPDATE: [FC-2888] - FarCry Community fixed

Just a quick thought…

Assuming that expanding the tree to show selected nodes is difficult or even undesirable in some instances, there may be a better way to meet requirements.

The formtool could list all selected categories beneath the collapsed tree. An option to de-select the category could be provided in the form of a little close (x).

A separate link/button could be shown to provide a JS event to open the entire tree.

This approach would have the following benefits:

  • users always see exactly what is selected, without having to expand tree; ie. no need to drill down to deselect or view existing categories
  • for large trees with many potential selections this makes the whole formtool a little more manageable
  • no need to muck around with the tree JS library to open at selected
  • user can still drill down to select new categories

If anyone finds themselves in there updating the category tree, you might sweep up this old chestnut:

Add a boolean option to disable showing the parent category item in category selection tree

Patched FC-2851; category tree now expands to show selected items.

Patched FC-2888; ftAlias is working again.

Patched FC-1909; show/hide parent category available.