[closed] Bug in file download


We recently moved a customer over from FC6 to FC7. They have a support page where they provide a link to a teamviewer.exe file, so they can give ‘on the fly’ support by sharing screen with their clients. However the file would be downloaded and tried run as teamviewer.exe[1] when tried downloaded with Internet Explorer (other browsers worked happily).

I found the solution to be a small change in the core/tags/farcry/download.cfm file on line 146

I changed it from

<cflocation url="#stLocation.path#" addtoken="false" />


<cflocation url="#urldecode(stLocation.path)#" addtoken="false" />

This is when the stLocation.method is set as “redirect”. I have not tested if the same change has to be done when the stLocation.method is “stream”.

The reason was that the stLocation.path variable was /files/dmfile/TeamViewer%2Eexe - when it obviously has to be /files/dmfile/TeamViewer.exe for IE to download it correctly.

Cheers, Trond

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I’ve committed your fix - thanks! Remember that you can submit pull requests on GitHub too.

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