Chelsea Boots landing page carousel db record not inserting


In attempting to change the carousel images on the landing page I went to Content > Project Content > [Home Page] Carousel

I uploaded 2 images that uploaded fine but didn’t appear on the carousel. As it turns out the records are being written to the dmCarouselItem table just fine but not the landingPage_aCarouselItems table. I manually updated the records, and it works the way I want it to now.

Project Chelsea has a Carousel Slide library. The idea being that you can have many slides ready in waiting that are not necessarily all loaded into your carousel. Indeed, you may have several different landing pages with unique carousels that reference this library.

Chelsea ships with an example Landing Page content type that can be created in the tree in lieu of a simple web page. One of the features of this content type is the ability to select slides from the library to create a carousel.

Pretty awesome example of how easy it is to extend your own FarCry project to do all kinds of crazy stuff :smile:

Yes, that is awesome! Got it. Thanks.

I got confused because the general carousel admin is listed under Home Page under Content. But I got it now, and it is working great.